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Sveza R&D Center construction is nearing completion

Sveza is preparing to open its own R&D Center in Saint Petersburg. The most advanced research and development equipment has already been purchased and installed for the Center operation. The purpose of launching the site is testing and producing prototypes of different technology solutions. The company expects that the Center will ensure a twofold reduction in the time required for the development of new products.

Sveza is completing the construction of its own R&D Center based at its production site in Saint Petersburg. In order to enhance the R&D activities, the three storey administration and amenity building with a total area of more than 2,000 square meters underwent major renovation. The construction and installation works have been completed by now and furniture and equipment procurement is in process. The R&D Center opening is scheduled for September.

The goal of establishing the Center is carrying out experimental work, producing prototypes and introducing pilot projects based on in-house R&D results. This will also include testing solutions and ideas proposed by third-party technology developers. An innovation portal was launched in early summer to accumulate such proposals.

The establishment of its own research center is rooted in Sveza development strategy. One of the priorities is a significant increase of the share of direct sales to end consumers by 2024. To this end, Sveza has been consistently shifting from mass production of conventional formats to special products with unique physical and mechanical properties produced on the basis of individual customer orders. The expansion of the special product portfolio will require the implementation of an extensive R&D program. By producing and testing experimental prototypes on its own equipment, Sveza expects to increase the share of branded special products by at least 20%. In addition, the Center will ensure a twofold reduction in the time required for the development of new products.

The R&D Center will include a mini plywood production line comprising a resin synthesis and glue making reactor, glue application roller machine, cold and hot presses as well as cutting equipment. In addition, the new building will house a laboratory for testing physical and mechanical properties of finished products, technology and quality service and specialists of the technical service and related departments.