Launch a new innovation project with «Sveza»
Launch a new innovation project with «Sveza»
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Material properties
Business processes
Energy efficiency
Solutions for the automation and robotization of plywood production stages that will reduce payroll costs, increase labor efficiency and production volumes;

Production process re-engineering systems ;

Аlternative ways of preparing raw materials for peeling (in order to improve the elastic properties of wood) and veneer drying;

Systems for sorting, internal defect detection, most advantageous use of raw materials and wood preparation for further processing;

Сomplex and point solutions for determining wood, semi-finished product and finished product grades;

Systems for obtaining, processing and structuring data from process chains, equipment, raw materials and finished products.
Methods of developing additional properties and characteristics of semi-finished and finished products that reduce their weight and improve their physical and mechanical parameters, as well as enhance their soundproofing, fire-retardance, moisture resistance and other qualities;

Innovative practices of geometrical panel forming during pressing, trimming and sanding;

New techniques of applying various coatings that avoid the necessity of bonding with the use of adhesive resins and piezothermal treatment.
Тechnological solutions for the robotization of business processes, such as order, request and document management for the purpose of data collection and systematization, as well as prompt reporting documentation template generation.
Budget-friendly and easy-maintenance devices for reading and recording telemetry data from metering instruments;

Solutions for reducing energy consumption for such operations as hydrothermal wood treatment, veneer drying, hot pressing and plywood sanding.
Stages of building cooperation
Submitting application
Submit an application and tell us about your solution concerning Svesa's business needs. Please add a detailed description so that our experts can better understand its value for the company
Application consideration
We consider all applications and provide feedback within two months. Even if the proposal is not relevant at the present time, we will store the information and contact you when it becomes applicable to any business needs.
Concept elaboration
Our experts will contact the authors of the solutions that are of interest to us to assess their potential and implementation prospects.
Solution implementation
When the concept is ready, we will create an individual action plan to implement the solution.
Process solutions to identify delamination at the plywood panel processing stage
Issue: Different types of defects occur during manufacturing and processing of plywood. Delamination is one of them. Delamination means ungluing/separation of the surface veneer.
It is a hidden defect which cannot be detected by a simple inspection. At Sveza's plywood mills efforts to detect delamination include visual inspection and feeling of the plywood panel's edges. However it is not possible to detect delamination inside the panel. The defect is not visible neither to the naked eye, nor to a defect detector. The detector also fails to show the exact place of the defect.

Expected solution: We are looking for a process solution that could help:
1. Detect at least 95% of delamination defects during the process (on the run). It is important to remember that delamination is a hidden defect that cannot be detected by visual inspection.
2. Make the operator aware of the defect.
The solution readiness level should be at least that of a working prototype.
Solutions to reduce the exploitable age of birch from 60 years to 30 and less
Issue: Sveza uses birch logs older than 60 years to manufacture products. This time is minimum required for a tree in natural conditions to achieve the necessary size and to get suitable for processing.
Long growth period limits the amount of plots suitable for wood harvesting. Besides, wood quality under the natural growth conditions is lower due to the absence of good initial planting material and timely care.

Expected solution: We are looking for alternative variants of birch cultivation including breeding, modified, seedlings grown in vitro, cuttings, having the following parameters:
1. Growth period to felling age under 60 years (the shorter the better).
2. The wood quality should exceed that of naturally grown in North-West and Ural (diameter, sweep, decay, etc.).
3. The solution should comply with the forestry legislation of RF: meet the established standards for reforestation within the lands of the Russian forest fund (negotiable: on agricultural land).
Alternative means of cut wood removal from the forest during season of off-road
Issue: To ensure stable supply of raw wood to the mills, Sveza develops its own wood harvesting in Leningrad, Vologda, Kostroma, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Perm regions. The main harvesting season is winter.
The climatic conditions and lack of well-developed all-season road infrastructure in forest areas do not allow regular and stable access to the forest plots. Construction of new roads requires big investments and their use is possible not earlier than one year after the construction has begun.

Additional information:
  • Forest areas are located in temperate regions, the temperature range - 35 °C to + 35 °C, lower winter temperatures are unstable with frequent thaw, annual precipitation 900 to 1200 mm, snow cover 1 to 1000 mm.
  • Mostly clay and loam soils with lower load-bearing capacity, wet, swampy in the forests of lower yield class. Rare: podzolic, sand and sub-sand. Soil freezing in winter (December to March): not more than 0.5 m.
  • Length of forest roads from felling areas to roadside landing / pavement varies from 1 km to 20 km with the average length of 7.9 km.

Expected solution: We are looking for alternative means of wood removal / construction of all-season forest roads. Requirements to the expected solution:
1. Transporting of over 300,000 m3/km of cargo annually by forest road is possible.
2. Transported cargo parameters: round wood with a diameter up to 60 cm, length 3 to 6 m, piled coefficient 0.5 – 0.65, weight of 1 m3 of wood – 700 to 900 kg.
3. Functions effectively in specified soil conditions regardless of weather factor and season.
4. Service life – over 10 years.
5. Meets the forestry legislation of RF, observes the established environmental standards.
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What happens after I have submitted my application?
The administrator will send you a confirmation of the application receipt, after which we will begin processing it.

We consider all applications and provide feedback within two months. Even if the proposal is not relevant at the present time, we will store the information and contact you when it becomes applicable to any business needs.

Our experts will contact the authors of the solutions that are of interest to us to assess their potential and implementation prospects.

When the concept is ready, we will create an individual action plan to implement the solution.

Can my application remain unanswered?
This is not possible! If the contact information in the questionnaire is correct, we will definitely provide feedback. If you are not contacted within three business days, please e-mail us at Make sure your message contains the company name and the e-mail address specified in the application.
If my application is rejected, will Sveza explain the reason to me?
We provide feedback on each application. In case of rejection, we will explain what affected the experts' decision and enter you in the reserve partner list. We will contact you as soon as your application matches any of our business needs.
If my solution is outside the range of company interests, is there any sense in sending it?
We will consider the solution and provide an expert's opinion. Please go the website home page and see the list of the company priority development areas and current business needs.
What information will help Sveza evaluate the solution?
Describe your proposal in the application form giving as many details as possible focusing on the "Description of the solution" and "Competitive advantage of the solution" fields.
Is it necessary to be a legal entity to submit an application?
Registration as a legal entity makes further interaction much simpler but this is not a prerequisite for our cooperation.
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